Stay informed 24/7 with our AI Avatars. featuring customizable news and personalized updates. Your Avatar, your news anchor. Get the latest headlines and insights on demand from your personalized AI companionRequest early access

For News Distributors

  • Expand your audience reach
  • Boost interaction and user engagement through an immersive experience
  • Gain user analytics for enhanced content: We will optimize user engagement, track social media impact, monitor feedback and metrics, analyze partner usage, and tailor content based on popular choices and trending news topics. targeting and suggestions
  • Automatically generate social media content from your news articles using AI 
  • Cut down on social media staffing expenses with auto-created captivating video clips
  • Generate revenue through subscriptions, advertising, data, and API access
  • Customizable UI / Avatar / 3D Environment

For End users

  • Receive multimedia-rich news briefings personalized by your tailored AI avatar
  • Select the voice, visual aesthetics, and character traits of your avatar
  • Pick from an extensive variety of news topics and sources for your custom feed (via RSS feeds)
  • Pose broad follow-up inquiries and delve deeper into stories
  • Preserve dialogues with your avatar regarding news for future reference


We will leverage AI to fact-check quickly, provide credibility ratings and source verification, allow users to view sources used by our avatar, implement strict vetting against manipulated media, and publish regular audits on our accuracy.

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