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Who we are

We are high-tech communications experts. We use cutting-edge AI to create autonomous avatars – making your face, voice, and key information available to customers and clients 24/7… for when the “real you” isn’t. You customize and train your avatar to present, interact, and even dance and sing! Our revolutionary technology puts all this at your fingertips, no developers needed.

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How it works

Our cutting-edge technology runs through a single “brain” (called Xpell™) that seamlessly handles everything from decision-making to training to real-time synchronization of all your avatars (3D, AI, UI).


Your customers and clients don’t want to feel like they’re running in circles with a machine. That’s why our Avatars use advanced natural language-processing to offer realistic conversation. They respond thoughtfully, not mechanically, offering an immersive and satisfying experience for all.


You and your organization have specific needs. That’s why we give you the tools to customize and train as many Autonomous Avatars as you desire — with different behaviors, personalities, and roles. It’s like hiring a staff of “custom you”s with just your fingertips.


Want an Avatar that makes you “feel seen?” Our avatars use cutting-edge vision tech to recognize everything from facial expressions to unique objects in the environment. From video games to interactive installations to VR experiences, Aimes’ powers bring your experience to life… and to the next level.


Our Avatars really move! We equip them with complex facial muscles, dynamic movement technology, and a large database of motions. They understand and respond to users in real time, making the experience natural, engaging, and action-packed.


Environment Builder

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Want to put your Avatar into a video, or surround them with a favorite song? No problem! Environment Builder lets you choose any visual or audio setting for your Avatar to live in, while you chat with them in real-time about their “new home.”


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Need to present a slideshow, video tutorial, or other demonstration? Avacaster (Avatar Caster) integrates your Avatar seamlessly with any kind of software – to let them introduce and guide your audience all the way through the presentation. 

Scene Recorder

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Under development, stay tuned

Key benefits

Boost Visitor

Sure, it’s a digital you, but the unique human characteristics that AIME brings to avatars has been found to engage users by 40% more. Engaged and immersed visitors come back to your site more, and stay longer


Our networked world never sleeps, but you do. How do you stay available for potential business 24/7? Our Autonomous Avatars, created by you to your exact specs, and for as many roles as you need, have got you covered. They present information, answer questions, and help you stay in touch every minute of every day

Your Schedule

Maximize your day with our Autonomous Avatars. Say goodbye to time constraints as they effortlessly handle the "extra" work for you. From captivating sales presentations and product demos to promptly answering FAQs, even tackling repetitive tasks like emails and order-taking. Seize control of your time, witness skyrocketing productivity in action

Rule the
Virtual World

Unleash the true power of your Avatar with our AI advancements. Be the ultimate creator, captivating users in a mesmerizing virtual world alongside your personnel and brands

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