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The Roland FP-30X

Welcome to the world of the Roland FP-30X, where the digital meets the acoustic. This piano is designed to bring the richness of a traditional piano to your living room, offering a realistic touch sensitivity and a wide range of sounds to explore.


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Why Choose the FP-30X?

Versatility: From home practice to live performances, the FP-30X is designed to fit into your lifestyle.

Compact and Portable: Despite its rich features, the FP-30X remains compact and portable, making it perfect for any space.

Stylish Design: Available in two colors, the FP-30X is a stylish addition to any room.

Fully Weighted Keys
Note Polyphony
Instrument Sounds


The FP-30X is an improved version of the FP-30, featuring a new BMC chip for enhanced sound quality, doubled polyphony from 128 to 256 notes, added 1/4” line outputs, Bluetooth audio, and a built-in USB audio interface 

To connect via Bluetooth, turn on the Bluetooth MIDI connection by holding the function button and pressing the lowest A. Then, launch the Piano Every Day app on your smart device to connect

Yes, the FP-30 is discontinued, and the FP-30X is its replacement. The FP-30X is available on the market, while the FP-30 can be found on the second-hand market 


Yes, the FP-30X has weighted keys, designed to replicate the weighting of an acoustic piano key, which is essential for learning the nuances of playing an acoustic piano

Yes, the FP-30X supports MIDI, with both Bluetooth MIDI and USB Flash Drive MIDI capabilities

Absolutely, the FP-30X is an excellent option for beginners within an affordable price range, offering features like Roland’s PHA4 Standard action, a great piano tone, speaker system, multiple connectors, and compatibility with education apps

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