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We specialize in creating autonomous avatars powered by the best of AI to facilitate seamless interactions. Our avatars can be customized and trained, presented and interacted with, and even dance, sing, and behave without the need for developers, making them versatile and efficient. We are excited to bring this revolutionary technology to the world. We are excited to bring this revolutionary technology to the world.

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Key benefits

Our Secret Sauce

Keeping you connected and productive even when you're away has never been easier. Avatars can be customized with different behaviors, personalities, and roles. You can rely on them to handle tasks such as presenting information and answering questions for you. Keep connected, get things done, and stay in touch wherever you are with our Autonomous Avatars.

Provide an additional workforce to help you stay productive and in control. Our Autonomous Avatars make it easy to get things done, no matter how busy or overwhelmed you may be. Give you the ability to present information to a large audience, such as a sales pitch or a product demonstration. Provide quick answers to frequently asked questions by creating a virtual assistant. As well as automating repetitive tasks, such as sending emails and taking orders, they can save time.

Make it easy to bring your digital space to life and engage visitors. Avatars with human-like characteristics engage users 40% more than those without. A better digital space user experience that engages and immerses visitors.

Utilize AI-powered improvements to unlock the full potential of the Metaverse. You will be able to create interactive experiences where users can interact with the metaverse in a more engaging and immersive way by creating digital representations of people and brands as NPCs in virtual worlds.


There's a single brain and it's called Xpell™, responsible for all avatar operations, decision making, learning (re-train models), and real-time synchronization of all avatar modules (3D, AI, UI)


Our AI-powered avatars are designed to provide you with a truly immersive experience. Featuring advanced natural language processing and machine learning, our avatars can hold realistic conversations and respond to your every move. Whether you’re looking to interact with digital assistants, explore virtual worlds, or even train your own AI models, our avatars are the perfect solution.


Our Autonomous Avatars can be trained and customized to meet the specific needs of each user. With our patented technology, users can create unique avatars with different behaviors, personalities, and roles. This makes them highly versatile and efficient, allowing them to perform a variety of tasks.


Our AI-powered avatars feature cutting-edge computer vision technology, allowing for realistic interactions with their environment. From object recognition to facial expression tracking, our avatars are able to respond to the world around them in ways that are truly lifelike. Whether you’re looking to create more engaging video games, interactive installations, or even virtual reality experiences, our avatars are the perfect solution.


Avatars powered by AI are the future of digital communication. With dynamic movement, complex facial muscles, and a large database of motions, these avatars allow for realistic interactions with others online. They can understand and respond to user inputs in real-time, allowing for a more natural and immersive user experience. These avatars will revolutionize the way people communicate with each other and provide a more engaging and interactive experience.


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