AI tools for the metaverse

The easiest plug & play AI tools enabling space and business owners to monetize their content and metaverse assets.

why aime

Metaverse platforms and users increase rapidly (mostly Gen Z and millennials), but there is no insight analytics and smart AI objects to manage the virtual space. The market is striving for new metaverse tools for customers that will provide full control over the data, digital assets, traffic control, and revenue opportunities.

our vision

Manage the metaverse’s information and assets and make it universally accessible and useful.

about us

AIME is a start-up based in Israel with unique cutting-edge AI software solutions of metaverse & Web3 apps for professional and small businesses.

aime's space manager​

Aime smart space management software that manages the space scene, activities, avatars behavior, smart objects, wearables, NPCs and collects space data for analytics

supported platforms

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